Monday, June 25, 2012

It's Stanley Aronowitz's Fault

A couple of years ago I popped into a panel at the CUNY Graduate Center and heard Professor Aronowitz talking about the best use of one's time while waiting for the political moment in which change, real and widespread change, might be possible. He said that we should start newspapers--not blogs, not websites, not journals, but newspapers!

It took a while but I've done the next best thing; I've helped to revitalize a defunct one. I can hardly believe it, but I am the proud publisher of The Madison County Crier, a free alternative community newspaper published semi-monthly here in Southeast Missouri, where I've lived for the last year and a half.

Please download the PDF of the paper here and please, please pardon our numerous typos. We'll sharpen our pencil on that score in the July 11th issue. We have a Facebook page too, here, which you could "Like" if you really and truly do. And please come see us in Fredericktown or Marquand or Junction City or Cherokee Pass real soon.

Thank you!

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