Monday, April 1, 2013

Be Your Eyes The Witness Of This Ill

If anyone out there witnessed any piece of the shooting of Callion Hamblin by law enforcement agents in Farmington, Missouri on February 20, 2012, or knows anyone who did who would be willing to come forward, we would be grateful if you would please be in touch with The Friends and Family of Callion Hamblin at:

Thank you.


Martha Collins

If she says something now he'll say
it's not true if he says it's not true
they'll think it's not true if they think
it's not true it will be nothing new
but for her it will be a weightier
thing it will fill up the space where
he isn't allowed it will open the door
of the room where she's put him
away he will fill up her mind he will fill
up her plate and her glass he will fill up
her shoes and her clothes she will never
forget him he says if she says
something now if she says something ever
he never will let her forget and it's true
for a week for a month but the more
she says true and the more he says not
the smaller he seems he may fill up
his shoes he may fill up his clothes
the usual spaces he fills but something
is missing whatever they say whatever
they think he is not what he was
and the room in her mind is open she
walks in and out as she pleases she says
what she pleases she says what she means.

from Some Things Words Can Do, 1998
Sheep Meadow Press
Copyright 1998 by Martha Collins.